Straight Talk Vs Total Wireless Comparison


VSstraighttalk_logoToday we take a look at a new Wireless service from Tracfone called Total Wireless. You may be surprised to find out that Tracfone is basically the parent company for Total Wireless as well as Straight Talk. With that in mind, we take a look a both of these plans to see which is best for you.

Calling Plans

The main difference between these plans basically boils down to the plan costs. Straight Talk offers “unlimited data” which is basically 3GB full speed then throttled back for the remainder.  Total Wireless on the other hand offers 2.5 gb with no mention of “unlimited” anywhere.

One item worth mentioning is that Total Wireless does not offer LTE phones which means you do not get LTE speeds. Additionally, all of the Total Wireless offerings are CDMA. This means that the calling area is limited to Verizon. There are no GSM or AT&T phones currently available from Total Wireless.

One nice thing about Total Wireless which is not available for Straight Talk, are the shared plans.  Total Wireless offers 2, 3 and 4 line shared plans for $60, $85 and $110 respectively. This is great for families who need multiple lines as it offers some nice savings over single line plans. Be aware that the data is shared so the 2 line deal gets you 2.5 gbs per phone, the 3 and 4 line deals get you 3gbs per phone.

Phone Selection

Phone selection is somewhat lacking on Total Wireless. For example, as previously mentioned, there are no LTE speed phones. One major drawback is there is no iPhone available for this plan as of this writing. I would say that Total Wireless is for those of us who are budget conscious.


I think the Total Wireless plan has some obvious appeal for those of us who have good Verizon coverage. That is not the case for me as Verizon is seriously lacking my area but if you have it then I think it might be obvious choice.  On the downside, is the limited phone selection without the fast LTE offerings. That said, Total Wireless is a new service so these things may change in the future.  I wouldn’t hold my breath though because as I said at the offset, both Straight Talk and Total Wireless are essentially the same company so unless Tracfone is killing off Straight Talk, there is no real reason for them to make them the same.