Straight Talk LG Sunset Review

Specs – Straight Talk LG Sunset

lg_powerStraight Talk LG Sunset Check Availability
Dimensions Height 5.11″ x Width 2.52″ x Thickness .49″
Weight 4.2 Ounces
Form Factor Medium Candybar Touchscreen
Network & Technology GSM LTE with WiFi
Calling Plan Straight Talk $45 Unlimited
Downloadable Apps Yes, all apps available through Google Play store. Comes with Youtube, Google Maps, GPS Navigation.
Processor 1.2 Ghz Quadcore processor
SD Card/Internal Storage SD card not included/Capable of up to 32gb micro SD card
Android OS Android 5.0 Lolipop
Digital Camera 5 mega pixels/.3 mp front facing camera/LED flash
Screen Size 4.5″ Diagonal
Battery Life 10 days stand by & up to 7 hrs talk
Button Types Floating on-screen Android buttons
USB microUSB v4.0
Audio Jack & Charging Standard 3.5mm iPod type / micro usb charge/data
Price $99.oo

About the LG Sunset

The LG Sunset is a GSM LTE device with the same design as the LG Power and LG Destiny. The main difference between the Sunset and Power/Destiny is that the Sunset is an LTE device. This explains the $20 price difference between then. Aside from that, the specs and design are identical to the other two phones. One item to keep in mind is that the LG Sunset is GSM so it will be activated with either AT&T or TMobile. Make sure that you have LTE coverage in your area in order to take advantage of the fast data.

Design and Build Quality

As I mentioned above the design is identical to the Power/Destiny models. This means the power/lock and volume buttons are located on the back. Another cool design feature on these phones are the floating Android buttons that are part of the operating system.  What that means is that the phone does not have any actual physical android buttons, they are part of the operating system as you can see in the image below.


As far as the quality is concerned, the Sunset is excellent considering the price. The phone is all plastic but it has an attractive metal look finish on the back. The main highlight is the screen because even though it is plastic, it feels super smooth to your finger.  This makes the phone feel very responsive when swiping, rotating, zooming.

Performance and Usability

Performance here is great when combined with Android 5.0! The 1.2 ghz Quadcore processor makes for a very fast and usable phone. I did not notice even the slightest of hesitation when using apps. The screen resolution is another highlight here because it is very bright and crisp. The resolution on this phone is on par with phones costing twice as much.  Watching videos on this phone is a pleasure because they look great and the sound quality is excellent as well.

In case you’re wondering what’s new on Android 5.0, the answer is not much. At least not much that I noticed anyway. All of the typical Android apps still available and I did not notice anything new in that department. About the only noticeable difference that I could notice was the right Android button which now brings up your active apps. The middle and left buttons still perform their usual functions.

Do note that the buttons on the back to take a bit of getting used to. You will find yourself reaching for the side buttons your used to but once you get used to it then using the phone is just as easy as the traditional button layout. I would not say that the back buttons are deal breaker at all.


Overall, this is a great little phone for the price. I would say it’s possible one of the best LTE phones I have tested in this price range. That said, if LTE does not interest you, then you should probably go with either the LG Power or LG Destiny.