Straight Talk ZTE Rapido Review

Specs – Straight Talk ZTE Rapido

zte-rapidoZTE Rapido Check Availability
Dimensions Height 5.30″ x Width 2.60″ x Thickness .42″
Weight 4.94 Ounces
Form Factor Medium Candybar Touchscreen
Network & Technology CDMA LTE, WiFi/Activated with Verizon
Calling Plan Straight Talk $45 Unlimited
Downloadable Apps Yes, all apps available through Google Play store. Comes with Youtube, Google Maps, GPS Navigation.
Processor 1.2 ghz Quad core
SD Card/Internal Storage SD card not included/Capable of up to 32gb micro SD card
Android OS Android 4.0
Digital Camera 8 mega pixels/1mp front facing camera/LED flash
Screen 4.5″ Diagonal , Gorilla Glass
Battery Life 15 days stand by & up to 11 hrs talk
Button Types Capacitive touch buttons
USB microUSB v4.0
Audio Jack & Charging Standard 3.5mm iPod type / micro usb charge/data
Price $179.99

About the ZTE Rapido

The ZTE Rapido is an all new CDMA LTE phone from Straight Talk. This particular phone is noteworthy because it is the first Straight Talk LTE device for the Verizon calling area. This is a quality device that has some unusually higher end features for a phone in the sub $200 category. This is probably one of the better LTE devices currently available.



The noteworthy specs on the Rapido are the 4 1/2″ Gorilla Glass screen, the awesome 8 mega pixel camera and the 1.2 ghz quadcore processor. In my mind, these are probably the best dollar to spec ratio in the Straight Talk LTE device family. That is to say, you are not going to find another Straight Talk LTE phone with these specs for anything less than $200.

I was quite surprised to learn that this phone came with a Gorilla Glass screen because that is usually reserved for devices costing $200 or more, particularly when they are of the LTE variety. Not only will this screen give you durability, it’s also quite slick to the touch. Unlike some of the plastic screened devices, the screen offers little resistance when you swipe your finger on it. This makes the phone feel extremely responsive, more so than its plastic screened counter parts. Now I don’t know if it’s the glass, but I found this phone to be especially bright and crisp so videos and the like look great!

zte-rapido-5 zte-rapido-3

The next spec worth talking about is the 8mp camera. This is another rather high end spec not typically found on a phone at this price range. The camera has an LED flash and a 1 mp front facing unit as well for the selfie loving crowd. One neat camera feature were the available filters such as sketch, neon, emboss, sepia and a few others. I think there are around 10 such filters available for selection prior to taking an image.


I was really impressed with the specs of this phone. These higher end specs are unusually for the ZTE brand at this price range so this phone is an excellent choice.

Design & Look Feel

I found the design of this phone to be quite attractive. The phone features a black chrome look bezel that surrounds the screen. So this is not a boring simple black rectangle by any means. The remaining design is pretty typical. Below the screen, you find the typical 3 button Android layout that are backlit. The power button is located on the top right, the volume on top left, charge port on lower left and headphone jack is on top.


One item that makes this phone feel like a quality unit is the Gorilla Glass screen as it does not have the cheap plastic feel to it. Not only that but your fingers glide smoothly when swiping the screen. I think this makes a huge difference over the plastic screened units. This isn’t really noticed until you try a plastic screen unit side by side. In short, this is a device that looks and feels much more expensive than it really is.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I would rate this phone as one of the best LTE devices available from Straight Talk at this price range. You will simply not find a better LTE phone under $200 at the moment. The one caviat is that you will need to have Verizon LTE coverage in order to activate this phone in your area.