Compare Straight Talk ZTE Majesty and ZTE Savvy

Today we compare the Straight Talk ZTE Majesty and ZTE Savvy. These phones look very similar when just looking at them on the Straight Talk web site. Despite the fact that both have very similar pricing, the phones are fairly different in specs though they are quite similar in design.

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ZTE Majesty

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ZTE Savvy

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Phone Dimensions 5.4″ x 2.6″ x 0.4″ 4.9″ x 2.5″ x 0.4″
Screen Size Diagonal: 4.5″ Diagonal: 4.0″
Processor Speed 1.2ghz 1.0ghz
Android Version 4.1 Jelly Bean 4.1 Jelly Bean
Technology & Calling Area CDMA Activated via Verizon or Sprint CDMA Activated via Verizon or Sprint
Speaker Yes Yes
Headphone Jack 3.5mm (iPod type) 3.5mm (iPod type)
SD card slot 4gb Included, supports up to 32gb 4gb Included, supports up to 32gb
Camera 5 mega pixel/Front facing camera/led flash 5 mega pixel/NO front facing camera/led flash
Price $169.99 $149.99

Design & Build Quality

The biggest difference in design here is that the Savvy is a little rounder in the corners, more of an oval design while the Majesty is more rectagular with not so rounded corners. Both phones are all plastic construction so you don’t get Gorilla glass or anything like that. Both phones are fairly basic in looks but not ugly by any means, they just lack any sort of flashy decorative trim. Both have gloss black plastic bezels around the screen. The Majesty has a metallic look charcoal trim around the perimeter of the phone between the screen bezel and battery cover while the Savvy has no such trim. Both phones have rubber feel battery covers that are easily removable. Both phones have sd cards under the battery cover.

Screen & Phone Size

The most obvious difference here is the difference in screen sizes. The Majesty features a large 4.5″ screen while the Savvy comes to us with a 4.0″. Of course, this makes a difference in the actual phone dimensions. As you can see the Majesty about 1/2″ taller while remaining about the same width and thickness. If you like a large screened device, then the Majesty is an excellent device for the price. I consider this to be a very good low cost alternative to the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S phones. Granted you won’t get nearly all of the features, you will get an excellent screen size and resolution. The Savvy on the other hand, is more of a prototypical size so fits nicely in the pocket yet you get an excellent sized screen.


The processor is the next obvious difference in these phones. The Majesty features a 1.2ghz processor while the Savvy has a 1.0ghz processor. On paper, this may seem like a big deal but in reality, Android 4.1 is so good, that you hardly notice the difference in performance. Both phones are very good performers and neither has much lag in switching screens. Apps perform pretty much the same on both phones so we call this difference a wash.


Finally, is the camera, the only difference here is that the Majesty has a front facing camera while the Savvy does not. Both phones have 5mp cameras and are decent though not the best picture takers.


Both of these phones are a relative bargain considering the specs and would make for excellent Android devices. I like them both though I personally prefer the smaller 4.0″ screen on the Savvy. However, for those who like large screened devices, you can’t go wrong with the Majesty.