Special Tracfone for Senior Citizens

tracfone-big-easy-alcatel-a382gThe Alcatel Big Easy is a phone built specially for senior citizens and special needs users may have trouble reading tradionally small keypads. For this reason, the Big Easy has large oversized keys that are 4 times larger than typically sized keys.  What’s nice about the phone is that the numbers are visible even in the dark because they are brightly backlit.  As you can see, the Send and End keys are clearly visible on this phone.

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Having large keys is only part of what makes a phone easy to use. Another feature of this phone are the easy to navigate menus that are clearly and largely labeled. This phone does not have many menus so it is very easy to navigate. Navigation keys are pretty straight forward, use the arrows to go up and down and press ok.  Fortunately, there is not much need to go into the menus as the phone comes fully set up out of the box. About the only time you will need to enter the menus is when you need to refill the minutes.

Finally, are the other features the Big Easy offers. There are two key features which can come in handy.  The first, is the built in FM radio. What is nice about the radio on this phone is that it is not necessary to search the menus to activate it because it has a  slider key on the right hand side where the radio can easily be activated. The second, is the built in LED flashlight that is also activated via a slider button on the right hand side. Simply slide it to turn the flashlight on or off.

The only negative on this phone is the texting. While the phone can be used to text,  you have to use the number keys to punch in the corresponding letter. This can be time consuming and frustrating until you get the hang of it.  That said, this phone is probably not one that will be used much for texting so don’t let that discourage you from this phone.

Finally, is the very affordable and budget friendly Tracfone calling plan. You can use the minimum card with this phone so you can use it as an emergency only phone for as little as around $7 a month. It comes with double minutes for the life of the phone so you will get double the airtime every time you buy and add a card.