Straight Talk LG Optimus Series Phones Overview

Straight Talk’s new LG Optimus series offers a full line of phones with varying feature sets that are suitable for just about any and all budgets.  What’s really cool about this series is that they all have a very similar look to them, they are all quite square and rectangular, oval shapes and rounded corners need to apply here.  In this article, we will take a look at this series highlighting each model’s highlights and features. Check LG Optimus Model Availability

Straight Talk LG Logic L35g and LG Dynamic L38c

straight talk lg logic The Straight Talk LG Logic and LG Dynamic are entry level 800mhz devices that feature a super compact form factor. Both phones measure just 3.5″ in height and a little over 2″ in width. Both phones have a 3.2″ screen so you still get a good size screen despite the size. Both phones retail for just under $100 so they are a great entry level devices. The LG Logic is a GSM phone while the LG Dynamic is CDMA. Both of these have 3.2 mp cameras.





Straight Talk LG Logic L40g

straight talk lg l40g The Straight Talk LG L40g is another entry level 800mhz devices unlike the 2 phones above, this phone is more of a regular sized phone. With a larger 4.0″ screen. Dimensions on this phone are 4.6″ in height, 2.62″ in width and about .4″ in thickness. On the camera side, this one also has a 3.2 mp camera. This is another GSM phone that will use either Tmobile or AT&T.






Straight Talk LG 86g

straight talk lg l86g The Straight Talk LG L86g takes it up a notch from the ones above. This phone features a 1ghz processor so this phone takes you more into mid grade territory. This is a full sized phone with a 4″ screen. The L86g has a 5.0mp pixel camera with video recording and an led flash. Dimensions are 4.9″ in height, 2.6″ in width and just under .4″ in thickness. This is an excellent all around device that does lots of things well. This one is also GSM.





Straight Talk LG 96g

straight talk lg l96g Finally, is the LG L96g. This is the top of the line in the series, at least as of this writing. This one features a 1.0ghz processor just like the L86 above and it has a larger 4.3″ screen. Despite the larger screen, the phone is just slightly larger measuring almost 5″ in height, 2.6″ in width and a shade below .4″ in thickness. This is a GSM device and also has a 5.0 mp digital camera with a few extra little features like touch zoom and geotagging. This is another great all around phone that gives you a great set of features.